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Our Services:

Population Health Research & Health Systems, Big Data & Analytics, Market Research

We contribute to health improvements for Kenya & other Africa countries, through diverse research projects, knowledge translation & advocacy, training & expert advisory services.

Our expertise covers a wide range of issues, including conducting population health research (including health systems research),market research & consultancy in Big data, analytics & data management.
In our five years experience, we have continually sought to generate insights, support new approaches, inform & influence actions to improve health.

In doing so, we have provided practical solutions to different organizations, including: Hospitals, Research Institutes, Industries, Businesses, Entrepreneurs, donors & Investors.

We are comprised of a team of population health scientists, public health scientists and data scientists with in-depth knowledge in:

  • Health Economics
  • Biostatistics
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Big data and Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Market Research​

Population Health Research & Health Systems

We strive to conduct trans-disciplinary research to improve major health outcomes in common and neglected conditions affecting Kenya and populations across Africa.

We Offer a wide range of health-related research services, including but not limited to:
• Development of health policy and guidelines
• Reviews and evaluations of health and social programs
• Reviews of organizations that delivery health and well-being services
• Public consultation on health programs and issues that affect public health
• Environmental impacts of activities (e.g. pollutants) that may affect peoples’ health
• Socio-economic impact assessments (including traditional knowledge components)
• Strategic planning of health-related services

In our five years experience, we have continually sought to generate insights, support new approaches, inform & influence actions to improve health

Big Data & Analytics:

Big data transforms the way businesses innovate and improve their operational processes. Early adopters are using big data to leapfrog the competition.

We’re making remarkable difference to society and business world with holistic analytics services and data-driven decision-making. We bring together industry-specific best practices, deep analytics experience and innovative technology to help you plan and implement successful initiatives.
Let’s help you turn big data into intelligence & actionable insights.

BIG DATA: Using all available data (structured, unstructured and semi-structured) from different sources around us by internet activity, nature, sensors and society to generate new insights to a challenge.

We offer the following;
Data analysis – Scanning through all the data to generate insights
Data mining – Discovery of previously unknown trends, correlations and anomalies.
Data science – Deriving insights from data that needs algorithmic statistical analysis.
Machine learning – Creation of models that mathematically describe certain processes and their outcomes.
Data visualization – Presentation of information in form of statistical graphics (charts, graphs etc), info graphics and interactive/static dashboards.
Data analytics – Applying an algorithmic or mechanical process to generate insights by using data science tools and statistics.

  • Descriptive analytics – Hindsight (What happened?)
  • Diagnostic analytics – Oversight in real time (What is happening? and Why is it happening?)
  • Predictive analytics – Foresight (What will happen?).
  • Prescriptive analytics – Insight (How can we optimize what happened?)
  • Cognitive analytics – Right sight (Finding the right insight, right action & right decision for your next best move right now). Moves beyond simply giving answers to coming up with new hypotheses and generating new questions.

Market Research

We conduct market research for companies/organizations interested in assessing the viability of a new good or services through research conducted directly with the consumer which allows a company to discover the target market and record opinions and other input from consumers regarding interest in the product.
Our insights enable a company to be predictive and also lead to innovation.

Here is why you should choose us:
• We set research objectives based on an understanding of the decisions the client needs to make.
• We select methodologies that best meet the research objectives within the client’s time and budget constraints.
• We manage and execute the research program at the highest level of professional standards.
• We draw conclusions and offers actionable and implementable recommendations based on expert analysis of the findings and results of the research, meeting the study objectives.

We provide the following market research services:

  • Concept testing
  • Market segmentation/Consumer profiling
  • Market estimation
  • Product testing
  • Pricing research
  • Brand name evaluation
  • Brand health measurement
  • Communication evaluation

We provide analytical thinking of market segments by collecting, analyzing and interpreting data about people, ideas in the market place and products.

We offer services across the business research /market research value chain, ranging from day-to-day information needs to complex research solutions to assist our clients in fulfilling their strategic needs.

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