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Need Help in Population Health Research & Health Systems, Big Data & Analytics, Market Research?

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Takwimu Data & Research Consultants – Specialists in Population Health Research & Health Systems, Big Data & Analytic, Market Research

We contribute to health improvements for Kenya & other Africa countries, through diverse research projects, knowledge translation & advocacy, training & expert advisory services.

Our Services

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Our Core Values

We are comprised of a team of population health scientists, public health scientists, Business management and data scientists with in-depth knowledge in: Health Economics, Bio statistics, Monitoring and evaluation, Big data and Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science, Business, Management & Market Research

What our Clients are Saying:

“It’s great knowing thet you’re investing in a product that will sell. Takwimu Researchers, led by Mr. Aketch did a wonderful job. We have since launched our beauty product & we’re grateful for the insightful market research!”

Nancy Bira • Beauty Products Company

“We didn’t want to use county funds without due diligence. It’s why we sough expert advisory from Twakimu Team upon. They didn’t disappoint. The Anti-Malaria campaign has really been remarkable”

Cliton Odero • Health Officer

Some of our Happy Clients & Trusted Partners

Over the years we’ve provided practical solutions to different organizations, including: Hospitals, Research Institutes, Industries, Businesses, Entrepreneurs, donors & Investors.